1. January Newsletter 

    News from the Warehouse

                December flew by way too fast! I could listen to Christmas music year around, but my favorite part is the parties and family gatherings.  I hope all your wishes came true over the holidays.  2020 is here, so we run back into work and try to get around to visit the stores to get everything restocked. 
    We continue to work with our website design team and UPS to see if we can get some of the issues discovered over the holidays taken care of. If you have problem placing orders, please feel free to email us at or call our office at 979-716-8543. 
                Special thank you to those companies who gave our Harley’s seasonings to their employees and customers during the holiday season.  Remember us as you host customer appreciation events throughout the year. 
    As I reflect on 2019 I think of the business’ we added to our list of stores that sale Harley’s Seasoning.  If you are from central Texas you know we added more HEB Plus grocery stores that carry the Harley’s Regular in the 8 oz and a few that carry other sizes.  Most of these stores are around the Austin area.  But, did you know the Ace Hardware stores in San Angelo and Mansfield carry Harley’s?  We also added Lone Star BBQ in Lafayette Tennessee and HyVee in Sheldon Iowa this year. 
    NBN’s 2019 Rubs of Honor
    We have once again entered our rubs into the contest, but this year we did something different to see what kind of response we could get.  We entered a Lemon Pepper Seasoning that we have been playing with here at the warehouse.  We found a blend we liked and entered it to see if it was something that might be of interest to bottle.  It placed 2nd in the Chicken category. 
                    No Upcoming Events
                This will be first time in many years we do not participate in the VFW 8787 Chilly Chili Cook Off in Austin.   
    Recipe to Share
    Taco Soup1 can of stewed tomatoes1 can of Pinto beans1 packages of taco seasoning1 can of ranch style beans1 can of corn (drained)1 can of chicken broth1 lb of lean ground beef1 small onion1 Tbs Harley’s Regular Optional 1 can of RotelBrown meat ad onion in stew pot, add in rest of ingredients and cook for 30 minutes.  Add more chicken broth if too thick.Too good to be Weight Watchers approved – But IT IS
  2. Kansas, the home of the most famous BBQ Cook Off as well as the BBQ Hall of Fame.

    Written by Suzy Zoch September 12, 2018

    This weekend at the American Royal BBQ Cook Off at the Kansas Speedway one of Lee County's own residents will be inducted into the BBQ Hall of Fame.  Way to represent Lee County Tootsie Tomanetz!  

    First let me say, I did not interview Tootsie, but we at Harley's Texas Style BBQ Seasoning want to recongnize this lifetime achievement honor.  We are very proud of her.  I grew up in Fedor and spent a lot of Saturdays at the Auction Barn in Lexington with my dad.  He would be buying or selling cattle, but if me and my brothers didn't wander off and make him look for us he would take us to get BBQ.  I have been eating her BBQ as long as I can remember.  Even before Tootsie was famous for BBQ she was famous to us.  We would get to go into the meat market in Lexington as a child with Herbert (a sweet neighbor) and he would always tell her to fill up a bag of goodies for us.  She would look at us and tell us she put something extra special in there for us.  She always had time for people, even us rowdy kids.  I think about her getting a lifetime achievement award and her kindness always comes to mind.  She is being honored by BBQ Hall of Fame for her accomplishments, a well deserved honor, but we love her for everything her life has stood for.  She is one of the kindest, friendliest, hardest working and most respectable women I know.  Tootsie Tomanetz is a wonderful role model for everyone, especailly the BBQ Community.  

    Check out the link to the BBQ Hall of Fame where you can see her picture among some other  If the link doesn't work go to

    The big BBQ Cookoff, known as the Kansas City American Royal BBQ Championship is coming up this weekend.  Although Harley is not cooking in the cook off, he has in the past.  During his time there he met many people.  Harley has never met a stranger.  We have a lot of customers in that area, and while we do not have any grocery chains currently carrying our seasonings, we have an ongoing relationship with The Kansas City BBQ Store.  They sponsor several teams and one of them is from Texas.  Here is the list for this yar (I copied the images from their website @

    A big shout out to Fat Boys BBQ of Temple Texas.  Congratulations to Danny and Corey and their gang.  

    We get calls all the time about where you can buy seasoning in Kansas and Oklahoma area.  Oklahoma fans will have to wait for the next blog entry to find out where they can buy it.  Here are the places you can purchase Harley's Texas Style BBQ Seasonings at in Kansas.  Both locations below carry 8 oz and 14 oz Regular and Regular with No MSG.  The Kansas City BBQ Store also carries the Sweet Rib Rub and the Sweet with No MSG.  Stop by either store to pick up  a fresh bottle of Harleys.  Remember Harley's is not just for BBQ - it is good on everything.  

    The Kansas City BBQ Store
    11922 South Strang Line Road
    Olathe, Kansas 66062

    Hours of Operation
    Monday-Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


    Beard Propane Heat & Air, Inc.

    Beard Propane Heat & Air, Inc.
    10515 Highway 59
    Erie, Kansas 66733
    Phone: 620-244-3612

    Sorry about the sizes of pictures - Computer program not cooperating at all!

  3. Map of Oklahoma Is Harley's Texas Style BBQ Seasoning in Oklahoma?

    Yes, we know it is on tables and in kitchens in Oklahoma as we ship seasoning to many people in Oklahoma. But is it for sale anywhere?  We get calls asking this question all the time!  Going through our customer base for Oklahoma area we ship mostly to catering companies and individuals.  Ralph's Packing is the one store that sales it, and they are located in Perkins.

    In 1988 at the American Royal Invitational Cook Off the two youngest cookers competing against each other made the connection that keeps Harley's in Oklahoma to this day.    Ms. Crane, (for someone reason can't remember her name at the moment) and Billy Goerlitz were a couple of teenagers then and had earned their spots to cook in the prestigeous cook off.  The two families began talking because of this connection.  Harley's Texas Style BBQ Seasoning was still fairly new back then, but it was a bigger hit with each cook off anyone in the Harley's family scored good in.  

    Ralph's Packing is a family owned meat market that has been doing business in the Perkins area since 1959.  They are located at 505 W Freeman Ave, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059.   You can call them at 405-547-2464 or stop by to visit with them.  

    Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    Closed for Lunch 11:30 - 12:30 (CST)
    Saturday 7:00 AM - 11:30 AM (CST)

    We are always looking for new stores to sell seasoning in that area so if you know of a store that would like to start carrying products, hook them up with us.  We offer wholesale pricing to our customers and have promo items to help new stores make the products stand out.  

    Happy hunting in Oklahoma and thanks to Ralph's Packing for being a long time customer and supplier to the greater Oklahoma area.

  4. Map of Minnesota Harley's is all the way up in Minnesota!
    Traveling through different states working for different pipeline companies, cooking or just attending an out of state wedding one thing you can be sure of everyone in Harley's family carries seasoning.  Harley, Shirley and Susan do a good job of introducing the products to people when they are traveling, leaving samples along the way.  That is exactly how Harley's came to be for sale at three different locations throughout Minnesota.  Harley and Shirley met John Lind of B & B Market at a cook off many years ago and he began selling it in his store in Cloquet.  B & B Market carries all varieties in the 14 oz size.  Susan and Chad visited Al & Laura of Al & Laura's Fresh Foods in Fertile while attending a wedding.  Ever since that weekend they have been selling the 14 oz size of Original and the Sweet in their grocery store.    I asked Shirley about how the relationship started with Knaus Sausage House up in Kimball and she said it was so long ago that she didn't really remember, but she was sure it was at a cook off somewhere.   Knaus Sausage house sells all varieties in both 8 oz and 14 oz. in store and online.   

    Stop by any of these stores or visit their websites. 

    B&B Market is located at 506 Big Lake Rd. Cloquet, MN, 55720. Our store hours are Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday 7:00 a.m – 9:00 p.m. If you have any questions or would like to contact us for catering needs, delivery options, or any thing else that may come up we can be reached at  (218) 879-3555.


    Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. 
    Saturday 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
    Sunday 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
    *Closed or special hours on holidays

    Knaus Sausage House, Inc.
    31 South Main Street
    Box 279
    Kimball Mn 55353

  5. Harley's has two great distributors available in Pocohontas, Iowa.  Both stores carry all varieties of Harley's Texas Style BBQ Seasoning in the 14 oz size.  

    True Value Farm & Home
    224 FRONT AVE
    PocahontasIA 50574-
    • M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
    • Sat: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Sun: Closed
    • 712-335-3571


    108 West Elm Avenue
    Pocahontas, IA 50574

    Monday - Saturday 

    7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

    Both stores run weekly ads and can get you fixed up with a fresh bottle of Harley's Texas Style BBQ Seasoning.  
    True Value Farm & Home is there ready to help with all your needs of fixing things around the house as well as your grilling needs.  
    Woods Super Market is a great little grocery store with fresh produce.  
    Remember Harley's isn't just for BBQ, it is good on just about anything.  Well maybe not ice cream! 

  6. Team Harley's will be cooking at Charcoal Challenge for the Lee County Fair this week.  The family and warehouse staff will be out there cooking for competion on Friday and Saturday. 

    Friday we will compete with Beans, Open and Dessert.  Saturday will be the meat events with Chicken, Ribs and Brisket. 

    The Lee County Fair is a fun time for cooking and playing dominoes with friends for us in the Charcoal Challenge area, but there are rides and games for the kids, booths to shop at and live music through out the day, dancing at night and lots of other activities and shows.  

  7. Working on gathing a list of places that carry Harley's Texas Style BBQ Seasoning in house.  In the meantime, here are a few places around Texas you can purchase Harley's Original Texas Style BBQ Seasoning and No MSG.  Sweet is only available in a few of the meat markets.

    HEB Stores
    • HEB Bastrop
    • HEB Brenham
    • HEB Bryan Store #644
    • HEB Cedar Park
    • HEB College Station Store #543
    • HEB Round Rock
    • HEB Taylor
    Buc-ee's Locations
    • Bastrop
    • Baytown
    • Fort Worth
    • Katy
    • Luling
    • Madisonville
    • New Braunfels
    • Temple
    • Terrell
    • Texas City
    • Waller
    • Wharton
    Lee and Surrounding Counties
    • Brookshire Brothers in Giddings
    • City Meat Market in Giddings
    • Stuermer Store in Ledbetter
    • Meat Locker in Smithville
    • Rockdale Meat Market in Rockdale
    • The Village in Carmine
    • Wiekels Bakery in LaGrange
    • Harley's Seasoning on CR 133
    If you can't find it in your favorite stores, ask them to consider stocking it, let us know and we will be glad to reach out to them.  Amazon now carries the 14 oz sizes and a special 8 oz gift pack only available on Amazon, and always you can shop on the websites.  

    Love it, Share it

  8. The Harley's Seasoning Team particiaptated in the Brenham Wholesale Trade Show in Katy this past week.  We enjoyed meeting with all of the customers from Brenham Wholesale as well as some of our direct wholesale customers. We learned a lot of things we can do for future shows.  We were offering a special on the cases of 14 oz cases through the show sales which gained some sales, but mostly we gave out samples, visited with prospective customers and gave out a lot of history on Harley's Seasoning.

    Our little country store is open to the public. If you are ever in the Giddings area, stop by and say hello.  We love to meet our customers.  The warehouse will remain the same as it always has, but attached to it is a new little country store. You can come in and browse through the different seasonings and merchandise with Harley's Logo on it. Be sure to take the time to check out all the trophies and pictures of the past 35 years of Harley's Seasoning. We will have all the seasonings we make there with special days for sampling. Watch for dates on our Facebook page.
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